Time for Miracles…and Good Drivers

Monday afternoon and it’s about to rain. It doesn’t matter though because I’m off to the mall just as I have planned yesterday. The thing is, I promised myself not to watch Emmerich’s latest opus (or sort of) in the lines of Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. Yes, you guess it — 2012.

From Nostradamus to the Message of Fatima and now, the Mayan Predictions, there have been too much¬†hullabaloo on when and how the world with end. Now, my question is: Why are we so obsessed with the idea of apocalypse? Anywhere you look there is death. Turn on the TV, listen to the radio and read the newspapers and you’ll receive a barrage of mass murders, suicides, etc. Even in the fashion world, there is the latest obsession with death.

Why do I say obsession? Well, the line for the movie speaks for itself. Two days I’ve visited the local mall and there’s always the line of movie goers waiting to see the latest apocalyptic drama. Thanks only to my last minute arrival (I was also the last person able to buy the ticket, much to the dismay, and probably annoyance, of those behind me), my sister and I managed to snag a seat, albeit at the front, not penultimate, but ultimate-front row. Yes, we were courageous enough to embrace the optical assault of the whole screen only a meter away from our reach.

2012 tells the story of the end of the world based on the Mayan predictions of a big change happening on December 2012…and it delivered. You want earthquakes? You got it. You want tsunamis? You got it. You want volcanic eruptions? You got it. You want to see landmarks obliterated to pieces? You got it. You want last minute battles of morality and heroic act from the movie’s main protagonist (John Cusack). You’ll have them and more. There’s even your run-of-the-mill conspiracy theorist brought to life by Woody Harrelson. His scene at Yellowstone Mountain was, for me, one of the best stoner acts. I guess his handling of nature’s wrath was laudable. I for one wouldn’t mind a spliff when every thing around me is as chaotic as Emmerich’s portrait of decimation.

Unlike the painful 2 hours I spent watching Bay’s cinematic mess, I was genuinely entertained by 2012. I didn’t expect to sympathize with any of the characters since I only planned to watch the movie for what it is, a 2-hour adrenaline-pumped action jamboree. It was a celebration of the Mayan prediction dashed with melodrama and served with good CGI for everyone’s visual pleasure. And I dare say Cusack’s Jackson will give the Transporter a run for his money.

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